It’s Moving!

Kerry Mills Photography is turning ONE! (i know, really?)  So, what did I do to celebrate…a pedicure? a new lens? a grande, non-fat latte with irish cream? Nope (well, yes, to the latte), but a new, fabulicious blog. I’m one of the cool kids now with large photos to showcase my client sneak peeks. =) So, don’t come back here again, and get on over to where it’s at for Kerry Mills Photography~

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New Blog!



It’s festival season here in Okinawa, and festivals = photo opportunities galore! More may be posted as I sift through them all, but here are a few recent faves~






It’s not too early…

…to start planning for Christmas! The 2009 Kerry Mills Photography Holiday Card Collection has arrived! I don’t want to toot my own horn here, but they are just fantabulous! These are not just photographs, but premium greeting cards printed on quality textured paper. Each are available in flat (postcard style) or folded, and are fully customizable. This collection is available to past and current clients. Below is a sample of three covers; please inquire if you just have to see the rest now!




The Pates (take 2)

It is always very special and unique to photograph a friend, and this family is no exception. Cat and I were neighbors off base here in Okinawa for a year and a half, our kids played together, our husbands are both very outdoorsy, yada-yada-you get the drift. We were scheduled to do photos last year when Blake was visiting from the states, but I was hit hard with the flu that week and unable to do it. So, fast forward a year later Blake is back and now going into the 12th grade (!). So we were able to capture some senior photos along with everything else. It was great revisiting the ‘ole back yard with you guys! (btw-thank you, Pates, for your patience while we shift through all this moving mess =)




This captures Lauren & her daddy’s relationship to a tee! Cutting up, lovable, silly, and spontaneous. =)


I need to start bringing my own musician to every photo session; it was so pleasant listening to Blake play while photographing him. =)



Often times as a couple has children and a family begins to grow, the walls and albums become over taken by the little ones over the years (guilty as charged!). At every family session I love for mom & dad to have their moment (because they deserve it, right?!), and capture in a photograph that spark between the two that isn’t ordinarily reproduced in everyday point and shooting. Something different. Something to wow you.



I will be offline for a few days, but wanted to post a quick peek of a sneak peek. Will try to have more up next week. =)one

Fall Openings


Bookings for August-October are available and are limited. Limited because I am well into my last year here in Okinawa (sigh). There are a lot of travels & personal photography to attend to during this last year (not to mention base housing has decided to relocate us again-gee thanks). So sorry, no time for mini sessions. In fact, I’m just going to put it out there…here is what I have available. If you need to move the actual day within that week, that will be fine. And, if you need to schedule a newborn sesssion, I’ll pencil you in for the due date.

August 22

Sept 12

Sept 26

Oct 3

Oct 10

Oct 24

I *highly* recommend booking for one of these dates if you are wishing to use your session images for a Christmas card. Speaking of Christmas cards, I will be coming out with my 2009 line of custom holiday cards in August, so clients I will update you on that when they are available.  Also, I have listened to your requests and have restructured my collections. If there is one thing I have heard from 90% of my clients is “how do I choose?”  I don’t want you to feel so torn when you see your photos, and put you through the arduous task of choosing which ones to keep and which ones to never see again. My desire is for you to come away from this experience with all of your session photos, and I am now providing more “have it all” options while offering a savings over ala carte print prices. This is quickly becoming a favorite! View my website for details.

This was the largest group I’ve photographed, and I have to admit my knees started knockin’ when Pam said it would be a group of nine. NINE?! But, as our time to meet up neared, I became really excited about the possibilities with a large group, two sets of families. Everyone looked so stylish, and I think the girls had a little more fun than they expected. =)


I just love everyone’s outfits. Such coordination & style!




Okay, so I dusted off my old retainers and wore them to this photo session. Why? I didn’t want to hear it from Dan who so happens to have been my orthodontist and is responsible for my ever-so-large-and-straight smile. I do wear them everyday like I’m supposed to, Dan (no I don’t). Really I do! (nope).




I think this is my favorite shot of the day (above). So classic. So picture perfect. 

Have a safe trip back to the states, Buglione’s!